The freshest and tastiest coffee and baked goods in Toronto, lovingly roasted in Prince Edward County.




Our mission is to select the finest, high grown, super premium specialty coffees available, with love.

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 Then we roast them in our 12 kilo Probat artisanal roaster, with skill and attention to the uniqueness of each variety.



 We also make all of our delicious baked goods in house, every morning, in our Roncesvalles location.


This is our every day.

Come take a peek:


Our promise is to deliver coffee the way it should be: perfect!


Our exciting single origin varieties and blends are chosen for their complex, unique, and delicious flavour profiles. Our practice of hand-roasting small batches ensures that your coffee is always its freshest when it reaches you.


Offerings (Priced per pound)

Cherry Bomb Blend - Medium Roast $15

Full body, citrus, cashews, spicy.

Spitfire Blend - Dark Roast $16

Smooth, full body, sweet bitter chocolate, dark malt.

Shogun House Espresso - Medium Roast $16

Great crema, honey flavour and acidity to breaks through milky drinks.

Jesus Elvis Espresso - Medium/Dark Roast $17

Smoky, smooth and sweet.

Organic Kamikaze Espresso - Medium/Dark Roast $18

Dark, earthy and malty, fruity red wine.

Macchina Mobile Blend - Light Roast $17

Light body, sweet, floral aroma with pleasant acidity. Nice espresso shot or brew using any method.

XXX Blend - Dark Roast $17

Acidic but sweet, smokey bite, light body. Nice in french press or drip.

Organic Blackbird - Dark Roast $17

Sweet, with full body and nutty. Made for the french press.

FTO Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Light Roast $19

Red wine, cocoa, earthy, acidic.

FTO Ethiopia Sidamo - Light Roast $18

Sweet lemon notes, tea leaves, balanced, smooth soft body, bright acidity.

Brazil Daterra Farms Sunrise - Light Roast $17

Dark chocolate, mild spice, balanced acidity, dense body, orange notes.

Brazil Sitio Canaa - Yellow Catuai - Light Roast $19

Cherry cola, dark chocolate, toasted almond, anise. Sweet acidity, well balanced.

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate AA - Medium Roast $16

Light body, beautiful fragrance of honey. Nice espresso shot!

FTO Peru Amazonas Monteverde - Medium Roast $17

Dark chocolate, black cherry - sweet, smooth, full body.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Lum FTO Honey process- Light Roast $20

Classic ‘coffee’ flavour, lively citrus acidity, roasted nutty tones.

Tanzanian Peaberry AA Plus - Light Roast $17

Juicy and sweet with citric acidity but flavours of honey and grapes.

Cuba Turquino Lavado - Dark roast $20

Buttery and smooth with flavours of pecan and milk chocolate

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora RFA - Light Roast $17

Dark Chocolate and cinnamon, floral and sweet fruit fragrance.

SWP Killer Bee Decaf - Dark Roast $18

100% Swiss Water Process. Dark, nuts and chocolate.


Hand roasted in idyllic Prince Edward County

In 2012, we started roasting our own beans in order to explore, more deeply, our enthusiasm and passion for the coffee industry. When you purchase a pound of locally roasted Cherry Bomb Coffee, you must realize that you will be brewing coffee that was ethically sourced and roasted by John Ruttan (Roaster, co-founder and co-owner) with the highest attention to quality and flavour.


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Follow your nose!

All our pastries are baked on site, to be incredibly fresh. For example, our date and pecan scone is “the classic:” and it combines sweet dates with the chewy, crumbly scone to make for a very satisfying breakfast. Our croissants are legendary, so chewy and moist it’s almost hard to tear them with your teeth. On any given day flavours might include leek and gruyere, jalapeno cheddar, chocolate, or blueberry. Come see what’s in store!