Cherry Bomb Coffee was opened in 2005, in a tiny hole-in-the-wall retail space at the bottom end of Roncesvalles in the West end.

Our idea was to provide premium, locally roasted coffee and fresh-baked pastries in a fast, take-out setting.

Our idea worked and before long there were line-ups that snaked out onto the sidewalk outside. In 2012, we started Spitfire Coffee Roasters in order to explore, more deeply, our enthusiasm and passion for the coffee industry.


The key to our success is to bring a passion for life into our business.


Before opening the shop, we had always had a passion for making our own food. There has always been an espresso machine in our kitchen and something in the oven. We knew, in our hearts, even before we opened, that our coffee and treats were exceptional. We just hoped the neighbourhood would realize it as well - and they did!

When the things we sell are made by our own hands there is a pride that is felt by us and our employees which our customers have always responded to. Also, when we make the things we sell, our business becomes completely unique. This is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit and for this reason our coffee shop is like no other.

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Sarah Ostwald

Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Does coffee make everything better?
I’m here to test that out.
— Sarah

Celebrating over a decade in Roncey, we raise an espresso to all of our neighbours, visitors & regulars!

Our customers are people from the 'hood. We’re young, old, single and married. We’re all different, but we all have one thing in common: we love coffee and baked goods! We like to think that the aroma of coffee and croissants wafting out onto the street calls to each one of us like a siren!

In our café, a bike built by Toronto company Mariposa leans out from one wall. A piece by local artist and regular Christopher Hutsul hangs on the wall opposite depicting this unique part of the city, where the Queensway, King West, Queen West, and Roncesvalles all suddenly, wildly intersect. We love it here, and we thank you for your support!

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